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Actual Price : 44,900

e2dshop Price: 40,900

Save Price: 4,000

  • Brand : WHIRLPOOL

More Features

  • 6th Sense intellifresh technology
  • Active Deo
  • Air Tower with strategically positioned vents
  • Model- IF 375 ELT AS 3S
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Incorporated with a motley of features, this Whirlpool Ref FF 360L IF 375 ELT AS 3S refrigerator will be an excellent pick for all the modern homemakers. Scoring high on the utility quotient, it also stands out with its unique design, which will bejewel the corner of your kitchen. Design that Makes it look Fetching. Perfect for a modular cooking space, this refrigerator flaunts a sleek design, which is also ergonomic. The steel colour further adds a nice sheen to its look. On the other hand, the use of a premium quality material in its making vouches for its longevity and a hassle-free maintenance. Advanced Technologies that Promise Superior Performance. Designed with the 6th Sense Intellifresh technology, Whirlpool Ref FF 360L IF 375 ELT AS 3S features three intellisensors, which work simultaneously to retain the ideal temperature for keeping all the food items fresh for long. Besides, the effective Active Deo function keeps the interior of the refrigerator free from any kind of unpleasant odour. It also has a precisely designed air tower with strategically positioned vents so that the cool fresh air pervades uniformly over all the sections. Keeping your Food Free from Bacteria You can control the direction of the fresh cool air using the vents located at the sides. Besides, the filters work effectively in order to prevent the attack of bacteria as well as ensure that the air inside is pure and fresh. A Cool Deep Fridge A refrigerator is of no use if its deep fridge does not work effectively to preserve your favourite dessert and let you indulge in the ecstasy of gorging on it even in the middle on the night. Whirlpool Ref FF 360L IF 375 ELT AS 3S has a deep fridge, which can attain the nadir of temperature without much consumption of power. Easy Access to the Fruits and Vegetables Inside. This refrigerator has an everyday fresh tray so that you can easily reach out to the fruits and vegetables stored even at the back and corner. Besides, its vegetable crisper not only prevents bacteria attack or preserves the freshness of the ingredients but also helps you to sort them properly using the mini crisper cum separator. Perfect for Keeping your Food Fresh during Power Cuts. This Whirlpool Ref FF 360L IF 375 ELT AS 3S refrigerator comes with a chilling gel, which stores the cool and fresh air, which is released when the power is off.