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Actual Price : 43,700

e2dshop Price: 42,500

Save Price: 1,200

  • Brand : WHIRLPOOL

More Features

  • Moisture Retention Technology
  • 6th Sense ActiveFresh Technology
  • Fresh Keeper Feature
  • Microblock Technology
  • Air Boosters
  • Model- FP343D PTN ROY CVR BLK
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Enjoy efficient storage of all your food items with the amazing Whirlpool Protton FP343D Refrigerator that come packed with a range of effective storage measures to ensure you cut costs on many fronts and enjoy healthy stored food at all times. The refrigerator is ideal for fruits and vegetables thanks to the 6th Sense ActiveFresh Technology, the sensors in the refrigerator work in tandem to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh while the anti-microbial additive helps to kill up to 99.9 percent microbes to keep your refrigerator contamination free. The refrigerator boasts of a unique 3 door format that allows you to store items according to their nature so that their odours do not mix and cause undesirable results. The amazing features are backed by a spacious yet stunning design that makes it an ideal food and beverage option for you. Amazing Cooling Performance. The refrigerator ensures that cooling is provided to its optimum level without any sort of hindrance. The air booster which controls the circulation of cold air throughout the refrigerator ensure that each compartment receives the precise cooling while also preventing odour mixing. The refrigerator also comes with a moisture retention technology to help all your food to maintain their moisture levels and not lose their original texture and shape. To add to these amazing features, the refrigerator comes with a Zeolite Technology that prevents excessive ripening of fruits and vegetables by absorbing ethylene emission from them. This ensures your fruits and vegetables are two times fresher ready to be consumed. Ideal For Fruits And Vegetables. Now you can stock your fruits and vegetables and store it for a number of days as the efficient Whirlpool Protton FP343D Refrigerator comes packed with features that aid in proper storage of fruits and vegetables. The 6TH SENSE ActiveFresh Technology ensures that they are kept fresh and they retain their original texture for twice as long as other refrigerators by preventing excessive ripening and maintaining their moisture levels. The Microblock technology with the help of a special anti-microbial additive helps to kill up to 99.9% microbes, thus providing lifelong protection against contamination. Unique Three Door Design. Being a winner of a huge number of prestigious awards with regards to its design, the Whirlpool Protton FP343D Refrigerator with its three door design is surely going to give you efficient storage capacity. It provides the largest 32 L fruits and vegetables storage space, prevents odour mixing and ensures better cooling retention owing to 3 separate zones for different storage needs. Apart from this, the toughened glass shelves ensure they can hold a considerable amount of volume while the RC Lamp aids in optimum visibility inside the refrigerator.