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Actual Price : 30,200

e2dshop Price: 29,800

Save Price: 400

  • Brand : WHIRLPOOL

More Features

  • Storage Capacity Of 292 Liters
  • Comes With Chilling Gel
  • Freshflow Flexi-Vents With Anti-Bacterial Filters
  • Comes With Deep Freeze Technology
  • 6th Sense Intellifresh Technology
  • Model- IF305ELT COOLIS 3S
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This Whirlpool Neo IF305 ELT 3S Refrigerator is here to impress you with its futuristic features. It has an attractive colour combination that is further complemented by a slender design. Besides, the refined polish makes it all the more alluring. It comes with advanced technologies that help to elongate the shelf life of your edible food items. It also comes with a spacious interior that helps you to store big Tupperware, bottles and other containers along with vegetables and fruits with ease. It helps you to get ice quicker and it also prevents unwanted odour to get spread throughout its different compartment. Maximum Cooling. The Whirlpool Neo IF305 ELT 3S Refrigerator comes with a storage capacity of 500 Liters that will be the answer to all of your perishable food storage woes. It comes with an Intelli Fresh feature that is powered by three Intelli Sensors. These three Intelli Sensors has been placed all over the refrigerator so that it can adapt to and control the cooling system in order to deliver to you supreme quality long lasting freshness. An Intelli Sensor is situated on the UI of the refrigerators outer panel, while the other one is situated inside the freezer compartment. The last one is situated in the refrigerator compartment. They work together to provide you with seven days worth of garden fresh food. The food preserved in such way has 35% better moisture retention. It also has 70% fast ice making capacity and 80% faster bottle cooling capacity. You get all of these at the lowest energy cost. Garden Fresh Fruit And Vegetable The Whirlpool Neo IF305 ELT 3S Refrigerator has features that are certain to impress you. Now you can keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for up to a period of seven days. This refrigerator comes with a special Hexa fresh cover that has been designed to condense the moisture which often we find evaporating at rapid rates from the stored fruits and vegetables. The moisture captured inside maintains optimum moisture levels inside the cover so that your fresh produce stays fresh for longer. Fresh Compartments. The Whirlpool Neo IF305 ELT 3S Refrigerator comes with a plethora of features that will keep your foods fresher for longer periods of time. It has a freshonizer that reduces oxidation to maintain the original freshness of the food items. The active deo action keeps the refrigerator free of bad smells and pungent odour.