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Actual Price : 31,850

e2dshop Price: 30,850

Save Price: 1,000

  • Brand : WHIRLPOOL

More Features

  • 6th Sense DeepFreeze Technology
  • Fresh Flow Air System
  • MicroBlock Technology
  • 3 Star Energy Rating
  • Model-SP305 PRM WD 3S
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Enjoy fresh food and beverage at all times by bringing home the Whirlpool NEO SP305 PRM Refrigerator. With exciting features such as 6th Sense Deep Freeze Technology, Fresh Flow Air System, MicroBlock and much more, it is sure to bring smiles to every household. It also comes in an exciting colour that is sure to enhance the style quotient of your room. Bring home this refrigerator today. Design. The Whirlpool NEO SP305 PRM Refrigerator features floral graphics on top of a sapphire coloured body. This design brings about a sense of sophistication to the room that it is placed in. Being a double door variant, it provides you with ample space to store your food and beverages in an orderly manner. The top compartment helps you in storing items that need to be kept frozen while the lower compartments keeps your food and beverages fresh. The freezer compartment features an ice cream tray along with an Ice twister and collector which helps you in conveniently collecting ice when required. The lower compartment features multiple shelves and compartments which have been distinctively kept for various food items. This product measures 1713 x 662 x 560 mm in dimension which makes it highly convenient to set up as it does not occupy much space within a room. This refrigerator has a capacity of 292 liters. High on Performance. The Whirlpool NEO SP305 PRM Refrigerator is based on 6th Sense DeepFreeze technology which results in intense cooling without consuming much electricity. This feature helps in formation of ice within minutes, making it convenience for summer time. The Fresh Flow Air System is another convenient feature which ensures that there is uniform cooling throughout the refrigerator. The Freshflow Air Tower with Active Deo eliminates all the chances of formation of odour, making it sure that the entire refrigerator is an odour free zone. The MicroBlock technology prevents the growth of bacteria by 99.9% and keeps your food fresh even after 7 days. This refrigerator comes with an energy rating of 3 stars which ensures less electricity consumption and thereby helping you to save up on your electricity bills every month. So bring home the Whirlpool NEO SP305 PRM Refrigerator and never run out of fresh food.