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Actual Price : 27,990

e2dshop Price: 26,500

Save Price: 1,490

  • Brand : USHA
  • Colour :Black

More Features

  • Full Mouth Feeder Tube
  • Cold Press Technology
  • 240 Watts Motor
  • Easy to Maintain & Assemble
  • Model- CPJ362F 
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Usha Nutripress CPJ362F Cold Press Juicer flaunts a well finished sturdy body facilitates easy cleaning and also adds a classy look to the juicer. Its powerful 240 Watt motor with 65 rpm rotation speed extracts juice in the most natural way, squeezing and pressing the ingredients, at low temperature to retain nutrients, instead of high speed grinding of centrifugal juicers. This ensures that you get the highest quality of taste and nutrition, retaining as much vitamins, enzymes, and trace minerals, possible. Its 75mm of full mouth feeding tube/hopper lets you feed ingredients much easier. This smart juicer uses the cold press technology which ensures that nutrients remain virtually undamaged during the juicing process. It retains fruits & vegetables cells intact by operating at low temperature, and thereby preserves more nutrients, minerals, enzymes and yielding juices with natural flavour. This juicer extracts juice from a wide variety of ingredients in food and vegetable spectrum which includes all hard vegetables, green vegetables, nuts and grains, fruits and frozen desserts. It has two separate outlet and container to collect pulp and juice, which helps to achieve much smoother pulp-free and foam-free juice.