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Actual Price : 31,000

e2dshop Price: 30,600

Save Price: 400

  • Brand : SAMSUNG

More Features

  • Connect Inverter
  • Capacity 253 L
  • Digital Inverter Technology
  • Power Cool And Power Freeze
  • Moist Fresh Zone
  • Model- RT28N3424SL RL STLS 4S
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The Samsung RT28N3424SL Refrigerator is the ideal way to keep all your food fresh for longer. It has a huge 253 liter capacity which allows you to store all your necessary food and groceries within a single convenient location. The refrigerator features an all-around cooling system that ensures everything fresh by cooling every corner of the fridge evenly. This is done with cold air being blown out through multiple outlets at every shelf level. It also maintains uniform constant temperature all throughout, resulting in the food staying fresh for longer. The shelves offer plenty of space for easy and organized storage of all your food items. The bright LED light inside this large double door fridge allows you to make food retrieval easy and convenient. Apart from being a smart storage and an energy efficient option, the refrigerator looks amazingly stylish and lends itself to the dcor of your kitchen and living room. Unparalleled Durability The Samsung RT28N3342R2 Refrigerator comes with an advanced Digital Inverter Technology. The energy efficient Digital Inverter Compressor is always active, automatically adjusting its speed to meet the cooling demand, assuring a longer lasting operation. The refrigerators Stabiliser Free Operation ensures steady operation, preventing electrical damage or shorting if there are any voltage fluctuations. If the voltage goes beyond normal, it automatically cuts the power. Movable Ice Maker. The refrigerator has movable Ice Maker which is very simple to use. Dispense the ice cubes with simple twist. Also comparatively less freezer area means fast ice making, which means you can have more ice cubes in short time of period. The ice maker is also movable, so the fridge space can be used flexibly according to necessity. Moist Fresh Zone. The Samsung RT28N3342R2 Refrigerator does not let your fruits and vegetables go dry. The MoistFresh Zone keeps perishable fruits and vegetables fresher for longer. A tight seal prevents moisture from escaping when humidity is low, while a vent eliminates excess moisture when humidity is high. Eat fresh and healthy fruits whenever you wish now.