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Actual Price : 40,990

e2dshop Price: 38,000

Save Price: 2,990

  • Brand : LG

More Features

  • Inverter Linear Compressor
  • Dual Fridge Feature
  • Door Cooling+
  • Auto Smart Connect Technology
  • Double Twist Ice Tray
  • Model- GL-T322RDSU DS 3S
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Your food and beverage storage needs is sure to keep you happy as the LG GL-T322RDSU Refrigerator gives you a very energy efficient option and provides efficient cooling to you at all times. You can store things for longer periods of time without the fear of it getting spoiled while the LG Inverter Linear Compressor makes it very energy efficient and ensures that you do not end up paying huge bills at the end of every month. The Linear cooling technology which ensures that cold air is released through multiple vents inside the fridge making sure all compartments of the fridge are cooled equally to keep your food fresh for up to 14 days. Apart from being a smart cooler and an energy efficient option, the fridge gives you ample space to store a wide variety of items while the elegant design makes it an ideal addition to your home. Power Packed Features. The LG GL-T322RDSU Refrigerator not only helps you to store food but it also keeps it fresh and helps it to retain its flavor and texture over longer periods of time. The 100V~290V LVS allows the fridge to operate in low voltage conditions and saves any potential damage that can be caused due to voltage fluctuations. Auto Smart Connect Technology allows your fridge to connect to your home inverter and enjoy cooling even during power cuts. The smart diagnosis feature helps you to troubleshoot issues to save you time from engineer visits. The LG Door Cooling+ evenly controls temperatures cools the refrigerator 35% faster than the conventional cooling system while the smart diagnosis gives you an easy way to troubleshoot issues. Energy Efficient Performance. Enjoy amazing cooling at cost effective prices as the Inverter Linear Compressor makes sure you do not end up paying massive bills at the end of every month. The Inverter Linear Compressor allows you to save energy of up to 32% while fewer friction points reduces the noise levels by 25% which in turn adds to the durability of your refrigerator giving it a lifespan of up to 20 years (certified by VDE). Convenient Design. Apart from being a powerful performer and efficient cooler, the refrigerator has an engineered design for optimum level storage so that you never run out of space. The 308 liter fridge comes with spacious pockets for you to keep bottles and a moist balance crisper maintains the correct amount of moisture of your food products and does not let it dry up or lose its original shape and texture. The double twist ice tray gives you easy access to ice and the LED light present allows uniform lighting for you to enjoy optimum visibility inside the fridge. You can also convert the freezer section into a fridge section within 68 minutes that helps to increase the capacity of the fridge by 1.4 times.