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Kokuyo Camlin Cover It Correction Pens

Actual Price : 25

e2dshop Price: 20

Save Price: 5

  • Brand : Kokuyo Camlin
  • Size : POUCH PK1

More Features

  • White correction pen
  • Anti-clog metal tip
  • Dries fast
  • Uniform and easy spread of fluid
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Cover up printing mistakes and handwritten typos in no time using this Kokuyo Camlin correction pen. It features a no-fuss correction pen specially designed to make it fuss-free and less cumbersome as compared to traditional bottled correction fluids. The liquid dries fast, letting you overwrite in seconds. The liquid spreads out uniformly from the tip to give you unmatched finish. The pen has an anti-clog tip that avoids clogs and drying up of ink at the tip of the pen.