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Johnson's Baby Powder 50 g

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  • Brand : J&J

More Features

  • Ideal to eliminate friction while keeping skin cool and comfortable
  • Rounded platelets to minimize irritation on baby's delicate skin
  • Large platelet size to ensure baby does not inhale it
  • Keeps skin smooth and dry
  • Mild and gentle fragrance
  • Anti-allergic, Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal formula
  • 50g pack
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Johnson's baby powder is ideal to eliminate friction and moisture from your baby�s skin while keeping it cool and comfortable. It keeps their soft and dry. With anti-allergic, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial formula, this powder has mild and soothing fragrance to reduce irritation for the child�s nostrils. It features fine and smooth particles that glide smoothly over the baby�s skin. It can absorb all the excess moisture from the baby�s body without clogging the skin pores. It comes in 50g pack.