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Johnson's Baby Powder 200 g

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  • Brand : J&J

More Features

  • Mild and gentle perfume
  • Rounded platelets to minimize irritation on baby's delicate skin
  • Large platelet size to ensure that baby does not inhale it
  • Protects babys skin from diaper rashes, prickly heats and skin redness
  • 200g pack
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Johnsons baby powder is mild and gentle that makes the babys skin soft and smooth. It is an essential product to keep your little ones safe from diaper rashes, prickly heats and skin redness. With unique perfumed fragrance,

it is clinically proven safe on babys skin. It helps to retain the moisture of the skin for a long time. It has fine texture and ensures that the baby does not inhale it. Johnsons baby powder is available in 200g pack.