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Iris Electric Vapouriser Ceramic

Actual Price : 1,750

e2dshop Price: 1,299

Save Price: 451

  • Brand : Iris

More Features

  • Premium quality electric vaporizer
  • Fill the surrounding area with refreshing aromatic scent
  • Serves as an decor item
  • Appealing for senses
  • Durable and long-lasting
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This luxury vaporizer lamp from Iris is designed to fill the surrounding area with refreshing aromatic scent. Unlike a candle based vaporizer, this is an electrically controlled. The electrical heating system warms up the vaporizer for optimum deliver of aroma elements to refresh the ambience. It also serves as an decor item, setting a relaxing mood with soothing and refreshing notes of aroma. Appealing to the senses, the fragrance will slowly spread in the room once lit and is available at a very low price. Moreover, it is perfect home decor or gifting as well.