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e2dshop Price: 39,900

  • Brand : BLUE STAR
  • Colour :WHITE

More Features

  • 500 litres capacity
  • Pre-painted GP steel tank
  • Heavy duty wheels,
  • Model-CHF500A
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Expert Frozen Food Storage. Ensure the long-term vitality of your frozen food products with the Bluestar CHF500A deep freezer. You can store large quantities of multiple products in this deep freezer as it has an enormous storage space of 500 litres. It will keep your packaged meats and vegetables, ready-to-cook dishes, dairy products, and more, safe and fresh to consume. This freezer uses the R134a refrigerant for its cooling. This coolant is environment-friendly as it doesn't harm the ozone layer, as compared to other coolants. Due to the PUF insulation layer, thermal leaking is avoided and hence your electricity bills will not be blown out of proportion. The Bluestar CHF500A deep freezer is built with materials that last for a very long time. Different parts and components used in the deep freezer such as heavy duty wheels and pre-painted GP steel tank are built to withstand extreme circumstances for an uninterrupted performance.