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e2dshop Price: 24,300

  • Brand : BLUE STAR
  • Colour :White

More Features

  • Tropicalised For High Ambient Temperatures
  • High Energy Efficient Compressor
  • High Density PUF For Longer Cooling
  • Twin Door Capacity
  • Corrosion Resistant Body,
  • Model- (CHFSD200D, WHITE)
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Enjoy brilliant cooling of all your items that required to be stored in really cool temperatures with the power packed Bluestar Hard Top Deep Freezer that offers brilliant cooling along with a very durable design for amazing results. The freezer guarantees long lasting freshness at all times thanks to its high density PUF insulation while the large capacity with twin door models avoid cooling loss to meet the demands of high sub continental temperatures. The deep freezer is also a very ecofriendly and energy efficient option that allows you to enjoy amazing cooling of your food and beverages and saves you from the burden of paying huge bills at the end of every month. All of these brilliant features are coupled with a sturdy design to make it an efficient freezer for you. Brilliant Cooling. Your food and beverages are sure to be stored efficiently as the Bluestar Hard Top Deep Freezer comes with brilliant cooling features that stores items that need extremely low temperature conditions even in an area with high temperatures. The high efficient energy compressor ensures the deep freezer gives you optimum cooling without consuming excessive energy and the high density PUF insulation retains the cooling levels for really long periods of time for amazing results. Durable Design. Apart from being a very efficient cooling option, the 212 litre Bluestar Hard Top Deep Freezer boasts a very sturdy design to give you long lasting performance every day. The robust construction facilitates heavy duty use and allows you to store huge volumes of goods while the corrosion resistant body ensures the freezer is not subjected to easy wearing out to be an ideal option for your food and beverage storage needs. The lock system of the freezer further facilitates safe storage.