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Weikfield Drinking Chocolate

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  • Brand : Weikfield
  • Product Type :
  • Size : 100 GM

More Features

  • Made from the finest of cocoa beans, weikfield drinking chocolate can be used to whip up a sinfully delicious hot chocolate or cold chocolate drink
  • Chef's choice for flavouring cookies, biscuits or just sprinkle it on your cold coffee, cappuccino, ice cream or caramel custard
  • The drinking chocolate comes in an attractive reusable poly jar with a wad and a sprinkler makes it consumer friendly
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Whip up a soothing, hot nightcap. Or use it as a flouvouring for biscuits or a rich buttercream spread. Or just sprinkle it over a steaming cappuccino or chilled caramel custard. Weikfield drinking chocolate is as versatile as it is delicious.