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Weikfield Baking Powder

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  • Brand : Weikfield
  • Product Type :
  • Size : 100 GM

More Features

  • Weikfield's "Double Action" Baking Powder makes your cakes, pastries, naans and kulchas light and fluffy,
  • Also ideal for making all kinds of baked products and snacks like samosas, dhoklas, pakodas, bhaturas, banarasi papdi, naankhatai, cookies etc
  • Weikfield Baking Powder is available in attractive reusable poly jars
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Weikfield Baking Powder is perfect for all sorts of cooking. The raising action has a double benefit as it gets activated as soon as the batter is sifted and mixed, then gets another boost once heat is applied. Thereby giving the cake, biscuits, pastry or whatever it is being made, the lightest, fluffiest most delectable texture.