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  • Brand : SUDANTA
  • Product Type :
  • Size : 50G

More Features

  • It Keeps Your Breath Fresh, Protects And Prevents Gum And Tooth Diseases, And Ensures Healthier Gums & Teeth
  • It Is Very Effective For Tooth Ache, Dental Caries, Bleeding Gums, Tooth Decay And Bad Breath
  • It Gives Long Lasting Freshness Throughout The Day. Made From Herbal Ingredients, It Is Totally Safe And Very Effective.
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Smile Confidently With Sri Sri Ayurveda's Sudanta Toothpaste, For Complete Oral Care. Clove Has A Strong Antibacterial Property, Fights Toothache & Bacterial Problems & Its Astringent Property Helps In Keeping Gums Healthy. Cinnamon Provides Good Flavor & Is Anti-Inflammatory. Bakul & Mayaphal Help In Making Gums & Teeth Strong. Black Pepper Keeps Away Bad Breath & Gum Problems.