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To protect the skin from rashes caused due to heat, use Shower To Shower Cologne Cool Prickly Heat Powder. It contains a mild fragrance of cologne. It is very effective in protecting the skin from fungal and bacterial infections. This powder can be used in the irritated area as well as works completely on the skin rashes. It can be used as dry shampoo that prevents the scalp from skin infections caused due to excess oil or sweating. You can also use this talcum powder on heels and toes to prevent the feet skin from sweating. This powder instantly shows effects on the burned skin caused due to the prickly heat. It also keeps you away from bad odor and you will feel refreshed as well as energized during the whole day. It is a multipurpose powder and easy to use. It can be applied during waxing and after shaving. Shower To Shower Cologne Cool Prickly Heat Powder Use & Benefit :. Cologne cool powder. Provides instant relief from any burning. Gives tingling sensation. Soothes the extra dry skin. Keeps you away from odor. Works effectively during prickly heat. Protects from fungal and bacterial skin infections. Energized the body. Can be used for many purposes. Refreshes and calms your mind. Provides cooling effect. Soothes, protects and provides relief to skin. Reduce the sweat production Product Images are for the representation purpose, the actual packaging may vary on the basis of date of manufacture from the brand.